Sunday, 8 July 2012

Are you planning your Florida Holiday at Tuscana Resort Orlando?

If so you should have a look at our great new website section.

At nearly all of us have had a holiday at Tuscana in years gone by.

Your blogger has been twice. Once in June two years ago (for the Harry Potter opening). And once again last March when we stayed at Tuscana but drove over to the Gulf Coast most days to fish and go to the beach.

Both fabulous holidays but take it from me the heat in June is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend the winter months when the weather is perfect.

Anyway we all like it at Tuscana. A good looking complex, a great location, beautiful big apartments and it’s cheap! What more could anybody want.

We’ve put together half a dozen Tuscana specials for you. Tuscana Easter, Tuscana Xmas, Tuscana summer. You get the idea.

Have a look at and bag your own Tuscana holiday.

A tip. I flew both times with Virgin. So should you because they really make the effort.

Happy Tuscana holidays!

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